Boxing Odds & Preview — Mayweather-McGregor and the Gloves

Boxing Odds & Preview -- Mayweather-McGregor and the Gloves

In this era where we get so much information online, we are also fed a steady diet of fake news. And that’s pretty much the spirit behind the announcement that Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor are going to be wearing eight-ounce gloves, rather than ten, for their August 26 fight in Las Vegas.
BetAnySports customers may or may not know this, but for bouts at the 154-pound level (which this one is at) or higher, the Nevada rule is that ten-ounce gloves are required. Yes, they have broken their own rule, but hey, at the same time, they aren’t necessarily supposed to be sanctioning a match between a 49-0 fighter who is considered to be one of the best of this generation and someone who has never stepped into a professional prize ring before. So let’s get some perspective here.
One thing you can tell about the regulatory people out there is that they will do absolutely anything they have to in order to help bring in the money. Both sides wanted the fight in Vegas, and SOMEBODY was going to sanction it, hungry for those big commission fees, so here it is and as they say, this is what you get.
What’s interesting is that the betting public has been swallowed whole by what is, at best, a mirage, and at worst, a deception. Such a great sales job has been done on this fight in such a short period of time (much of the credit, of course, going to McGregor) that there are people making wagers on this fight who actually believe that this reduction in glove size is going to give the Irishman a better chance. Check it out – it is reflected in the current boxing odds at BetAnySports, which have boxing insiders positively chortling:
Floyd Mayweather  -490
Conor McGregor  +390
Under 9.5 Rounds  -155
Over 9.5 Rounds  +135
Take note that these odds have been drastically reduced in the just the last couple of days, when they required boxing bettors lay to lay -600 on Mayweather, with a +450 takeback on McGregor. Obviously there are people – most of whom are either casual fans or MMA advocates – who believe McGregor derives an advantage from bringing the gloves down to eight ounces, presumably because he works with four-ounce gloves in the UFC.
So it’s a “hook, line, sinker” scenario.
Do they even perform due diligence? if they did, they would know that out of this duo, the one who is accustomed to the eight-ounce gloves is Mayweather, who has fought most of his career at 147 and below. In 46 of the 49 fights he’s had, that is exactly what he has worn.
BetAnySports patrons who may not be all that familiar with boxing should know that McGregor will not only be wearing far bigger gloves than he is used to, he is going to have a very difficult time finding someplace for those gloves to connect. If there is one thing Mayweather has been renowned for is his “defense-first” approach, which means that he has made it a headache for opponents to land a clean shot. And when we say that we are talking about some of the world’s best BOXERS in whatever weight class he’s participated in.
A mixed martial artist is generally not trained to control fights with a jab. And when you take a look at McGregor in sparring sessions, other parts of his arsenal, such as the right hook, are not going to be very useful. He has indeed demonstrated power in his left hand. But that is his best weapon BY FAR. And remember that this has come against fighters in MMA who are not strong technically on the boxing end, particularly when it comes to defense.
So what does this mean, for purposes of our discussion? It means that Floyd Mayweather really only has one thing to worry about in this fight, and that is a straight left hand that he will likely see, as we say in the business, “from across the street.”  In facing a defensive master, if you are one-dimensional fighter (which McGregor is), you are in the worst possible matchup.
At some point along the way, McGregor will probably come to the understanding that not only does it not matter how big his gloves are, it really doesn’t matter of he’s got gloves, knives or a baseball bat. He’s not hitting this guy very much, if he is able to hit him at all. And when you consider that Mayweather is priced at -130 to win inside the distance (by KO, TKO or DQ), we have, in this reporter’s opinion, the best investment in the history of sports betting.
But hey – you don’t have to believe me.
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